Design Your Own Wedding Invitations


A gallery of possibilities! If you want originality and flair, consider designing your own wedding invitations! It's not only easy to do it yourself but it creates an effect that you just won't get from the usual printed invitations. 

We have the materials like layered invitations or pocket folders, ribbon strips, panel cards, RSVP sets and inner & outer envelope sets. All you need is to let your imagination get creative! The finished effect is stunning and comes at a great price!

Where do I start? Here are some ideas....
 There is the open style invitation...
(See our Layered Kits or Sweet & Simple)
Invitation  or the enclosed style...
(See our Pocket Folders)

 You can keep it simple and unadorned... Invitation  or go for decoration and embellishment... Invitation

 If you want decoration you can use ribbons... Invitation  and bows or love knots... Invitation

 You can add jewels and gemstones... Invitation  and even flower petals or leaves... Invitation

 Another great effect we offer
is Envelope Seals like this...
Invitation  We have Hearts, Roses, "Love", Thank You
and even stick-on Wax Seals...

 You can use different color inks... Invitation  and different styles of font and appearance... Invitation

 You can just print on the invitation card... Invitation  or for a great effect, print on the vellum overlay as well ... Invitation

 You can print a monogram or first names on the vellum... Invitation  or print a photo underneath and the invitation on top... Invitation

 You can also add other cards like "Directions" or "Information"... Invitation  and create a themed look with matching Programs or Thank You cards, etc... Invitation

 We also have
Lined Envelopes...
Invitation  White with Silver lining
and Cream with Gold lining

In fact, the possibilities are endless! You'll find it's really easy to create your own beautiful invitations. Whether you choose pocket folders or layered styles, decorated or simple, you can be creative in your way with your own colors and end up with something absolutely gorgeous!
Invitation Invitation

Invitation Invitation

Invitation Invitation

Invitation Invitation