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How this site came about

I’m not really a true DIY person – I’ve always been more of a semi-DIY crafter. I don’t want to have to hunt for everything myself, I like to choose from a variety of options and then customize it to my own colors and style. I know as long as I’m using good quality materials the results can be fantastic. And that’s the premise behind our website. We know that many of you would just prefer to start with a set of top-quality materials already cut to size and in the colors you love so that you can spend your time on designing and creating, not cutting paper.

We wanted elegant, not cheap-looking

So when we began designing our own DIY printable wedding invitation kits, I looked at all the elements that I would want for my own wedding invites. First of all, I wanted beautiful paper. The right paper is absolutely the key to whether an invitation looks cheap and homemade or sophisticated and elegant. Our products feature a variety of papers, ranging from handmade paper to linen paper to a very special Italian shimmer paper.

Style came next

Next, I wanted designs that were simple to do yet elegant in appearance and that had all the elements necessary to create a wide variety of different invitations. For our invitations kits, I wanted to offer a choice of styles to fit any type of celebration from a casual afternoon garden wedding to a formal, black tie affair. So first we came up with our Layered Invitation Kits - a line of single invitation cards that can be layered with sheer vellums and ribbons to create endless variety for any occasion. We also have a selection of kits that have beautifully pre-printed borders to make it even simpler.

Our next design was a pocket folder kit in two different styles that open to reveal the invitation inside and also include RSVP cards or information cards for events where you need to convey other important instructions. If the individual kit you fall in love with doesn’t have everything you want, you can embellish them from our Extras page to create exactly what you need.

They Had to Print and Customize Your Way

I wanted to make our invitations available to anyone who loved their look and style. So we decided to offer printing options that everyone can use, even someone without a printer! If you have an Ink Jet Printer, you can use the Print It Yourself

Option. With this option we send you all the cards in the kits already cut to size. So you simply design, print and assemble right at home. If you have a Laser Printer, you use the Take To Printer Option. With this option we send you 8.5 x 11” sheets of card stock paper. You would use our Take to Printer templates with the cut marks already drawn on them and then print them on the sheets of card stock. After you’ve printed them you can take them to Staples, or Kinko’s or any other printer to be cut and then assemble them at home. Finally, if you don’t have time to print or don’t have a printer—don’t worry—simply upload your completed Take To Printer templates onto a flash drive and take them (with the sheets of cardstock) to a printer of your choosing for printing and cutting.

Don’t forget that all of our kits come with beautiful templates that can be changed and customized to fit any event, whether it’s a wedding, a Bridal Shower, a Bar Mitzvah, a Corporate fund raiser, a Charity Gala, a Graduation party, etc.

I can’t tell you how many customers have told me their friends and family all thought they had got their invitations printed professionally because they were so beautiful!

The result you end up with is some very impressed and excited guests! (And don’t worry, your secret of how much money you saved is safe with us!)

So what are you waiting for? Get started now

"I was a little hesitant about ordering DIY invitations for such an important occasion. I have always been semi-crafty but not so much that I was completely confident. Other than my dress this was probably the best wedding purchase I have made. They came out so beautifully. I gave the finished product to my future husband and he teared up. They were perfect. One of our guests even told my mother how lucky we were to afford such beautiful invitations. It took a new cartridge of ink, a printer that I had from college and Wedding Bell Invitations."

- Stacy W.

"Before I placed my wedding invitation order I received a wedding invitation from a family member. I hoped my invitations would be as nice as theirs, and was pleased to find that mine were just as fabulous, if not better. Thanks for the fantastic customer service, quick shipping and superb quality!"

- Kara N.