About Us

Who are we?

We are a family-owned business based in Boulder, Colorado where we have our main warehouse, with another warehouse in Wisconsin. We have been operating since 2006 with our prime goal being to provide boutique quality invitation kits that brides can customize in their own colors and then print at home on their own inkjet printers.

We have built a reputation for treating our customers as our friends and our job is to make them happy. We will do whatever it takes to help our new friends produce invitations they absolutely love!

Who are the owners? 

The company is owned by a husband and wife team who both happened to be psychologists that specialized in marriage and family counseling for many years. Kathy is also a marriage officiant and a seasoned author and so when it came time to start a company with her husband, the wedding industry was a natural choice!

Kathy's husband Mallory brings his experience in the corporate and graphic design world to the running of a company that specializes in delivering a personalized boutique quality invitation product at a reasonable price. 

What can you expect if you decide to buy from our website? 

As psychologists we know that the primary key to success is happy customers and happy employees. So we have put that front and center throughout our whole operation. People love working for our company and we can tell from reviews and our interactions with all of you that our customers love buying from us too! We are happy to help you  whenever you need advice or suggestions on invitations or wedding programs or whatever you're looking for.

And on the (very) few occasions when we mess up and send out the wrong thing we make it good immediately at our expense and we also apologize in person. We don't quibble over refunds if you don't like something and want to return it. Our mission is to run a good company in the right way, a company that can grow by serving the needs of its customers over the exciting years ahead.

Here's what we'd like to ask of you! 

One of the best ways for us to grow is to make sure we are offering the kinds of invitations that you want. So it would really help us if you give us your feedback on what you like and what you don't like, including which colors you'd like to see introduced for new invitations.

And if you have any suggestions for invitations or products that we don't carry, please let us know. You can shoot us an email or call our Customer Service line at 303 444 6154

Contact information 

Our main office is located at:
764 Mountain Meadows Rd,
Boulder, Colorado, 80302

Phone: (303) 444 6154
E-mail: service@weddingbellinvitations.com