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Using Candles to Light Up Your Venue

Imagine coming into a room only lit by candlelight, their soft golden glow enveloping everything with mystery and beauty-- nothing elevates a room like candlelight. Limited budget for decorating? Candles and wreaths create timeless magic for any wedding. Use greens and berries for winter events with large, white and red pillar candles as centers; use springs buds and multicolored tapers for festive springs weddings and lush, full blossoms with votivs for summer events.  There are many ways to use candles in your event, here are just a few. 

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Outdoor Weddings - Are They Right For You?

Everyone loves those gorgeous pictures in wedding magazines for beautiful outdoor weddings. The sun is always shining, the wind is not blowing, the temperature is temperate, the guests are smiling, the Bride and Groom are serene. Sigh. I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news, there will be moments in your outdoor wedding that will be like that. The bad news, not as many moments as you would like. Listen below for the realistic view of outdoor weddings and what you need to do to ensure that you still have the outdoor wedding of your dreams. Also, don't forget wedding bell invitations offers customizable wedding invitation cards perfectly designed to complement your outdoor wedding theme.

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Day or Night Wedding? The difference could cost you double.

A daytime wedding can cost significantly less than an evening.  They both have their pros and cons, read on for some of my insights.  

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Military Weddings

Military weddings range from formal to fun and somewhere in between.

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Here comes the Groom!

Here comes the Groom! 

Once upon a time, Grooms was sidelined for the wedding planning; well, those days are long gone.

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Finding A Balance Between Traditional and Unique

Finding A Balance Between Traditional and Unique​

Everyone wants their wedding to be a unique, one of a kind, memorable event; however, they don’t want it to be so out of the box that they look back in horror.  This should be a day all about the happy couple and reflect both of their styles and desires for the day. This is an event that will be marked in your family history forever! Finding a balance between making it unique and keeping it traditional can seem challenging.  

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Male Perspectives: Marriage

Welcome to another installment of The Male Perspectives: Marriage. This weeks installment features Graeme, a 22-year-old marketing major who tells us his hopes, dreams, and perspectives on weddings. At the Wedding Bell Invitation, we work to make sure we help your wedding dream come true. Contact us to chat with us. 

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Male Perspectives: Marriage

In reviewing who is writing about weddings, and marriages and ceremonies I found that the field is overwhelmingly female. What about the men, I wondered? What are their hopes and dreams and fears? We interviewed Ian Macfarlane and asked him these questions. At the Wedding Bell Invitation, we work to make sure we help your wedding dream come true. Contact us to chat with us. 

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All Things Weddings From A Male Perspective

We here at Wedding Bell Invitations are pleased to introduce our newest blogger: Robert Ortega. Robert is a fine videographer and writes on All Things Weddings from the Male Perspective.

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Tips for a Fun DIY Wedding

Tips for a Fun DIY Wedding

For those willing to take on the challenge, bringing a Do-It-Yourself style to a wedding can be extremely rewarding and fun. You want your DIY wedding to be a handcrafted, authentic celebration for you and your guests. Here are a few inspiring tips to make it happen: