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Invitations are what we do! Here you can find feautures on some of our favorite products as well as ideas and tips for making the most out of your invitations!

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A Formal Affair--Black and Navy Blue Invitations

When I first began designing wedding invitations, color selection was one of my first priorities. I assumed that white and light cream would be the top sellers—WRONG. Our top sellers for years have been Black invitation cards and Blue invitation cards especially Navy blue and silver invitations. Now, to be fair, I do have the largest and most varied selection of Black and Blue wedding invitations on the internet but none the less, both Black and Navy blue make for stunning and elegant wedding invitations.


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"My aunt suggested that I use a printable wedding invitation kit—how do I know if they are right for me?"

I received this question in an email recently and it’s a very important one. How do you know if a printable wedding invitation kit is right for you? So, in answering this question there are three issues to consider.


Pocket invitations black

How to Create an Elegant Wedding Invitation

The word “elegance” means to be graceful and stylish. When we first began Wedding Bell Invitations back in 2007 our moniker was “creating elegance one wedding at a time”-- certainly that is still our goal today. We wanted to design DIY wedding invitations that were beautiful, stylish and elegant.  A DIY elegant wedding invitation was not the norm then—mostly they were sweet and simple. I should know—I choose one for our wedding years ago and found the choices very limited.

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DIY Wedding Invitations--Our Story

DIY Wedding Invitations—Our Story

At Wedding Bell Invitations, we recently celebrated our 11th year anniversary. Now being an e-commerce site on the internet for 11 straight years is almost unheard of. When we began, Amazon was only a bookseller and Social Media had not been invented. In fact, the question most commonly faced by retailers then was, “Will women ever feel safe enough to shop online?”.

So perhaps it wasn’t so surprising that the newest and youngest member of our staff asked, **“Why DIY Wedding Invitations?  How did you come up with DIY Wedding Invitation kits? And why do you encourage couples to print their own wedding invitations?”**

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Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re looking to minimize costs, retain more control or just add your personal touch, crafting your own DIY wedding invites can be a fun and rewarding endeavor.

DIY wedding invitations guide

In this guide we want to walk through the step-by-step process to easily create do-it-yourself wedding invitations that are so polished and sophisticated, your guests will never know you pulled them together yourself.

We’ll show you how to take your invites from a simple idea to fully made cards, from selecting a design, to buying stationery and printing. We’ll also share our practical tips for avoiding common blunders and saving time.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Advantages of Making Your Own Wedding Invites
  • Finding Inspiration and Ideas
  • Choosing the Right Invitation Style for You
  • Test Your Idea
  • How to Make Your Wedding Cards, Step-by-Step

Wedding bell invitation works hard to create unique, creative, elegant and at the same time economical DIY Invitation kit and cards. 

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Metallic Shimmer invitations for 2016

Invitations for 2016 are trending towards:

Metallic, Bold & Shimmer Colors.

Wedding Bell Invitations has you covered for all the latest trends! 


2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends are Amazing!

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POP Your Printable Wedding Invitations With Embellishments!

POP Your Printable Wedding Invitations With Embellishments!

There are so many ways to embellish and design one of a kind invitations, thank you cards, and stationary. Here are some of my favorites:

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Not Just Weddings

Just because our name is Wedding Bell doesn’t mean our invitations are just for Weddings.  Here are few options for our products that you may not have thought of yet.

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Our New Midnight Blue Elegance Pocket Folder Kit

Our New Midnight Blue Elegance Pocket Folder Kit

This doesn't happen very often, but every once in a while I come across a paper so stunning that I have to make an invitation out of it. This happened with our newest Midnight Blue Elegance kit. When I saw this paper up close in the light, I couldn't believe it...