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Invitations are what we do! Here you can find feautures on some of our favorite products as well as ideas and tips for making the most out of your invitations!

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How to Tie a Decorative Simple Knot

Tying ribbons around your invitation can seem to be an easy thing to do until you begin. Then suddenly, you are all thumbs and the task seems arduous and time consuming. Let Niki show you how to easily tie this knot and how to embelish it!

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How To Tie A Loop Knot

Let Niki show you a simple, yet elegant loop knot that you can use on any invitation:

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Popular Fall Wedding Invitation Colors

The days are getting shorter, the air crisper and apple pie is replacing peach cobbler—a sure sign that Fall is on the horizon. Here at Wedding Bell, we've been noticing the change for a while as our couples are ordering more bronzes, oranges and greens; perfect colors for early fall weddings. Today, I'm going to feature our top invitations in the most poplular fall colors for this year:

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Create A Ribbon Band For Your Wedding Invite

Niki demonstrates different ways to create the popular "belly band" using ribbon. An inexpensive way to customize your printable invitations with different colors and textures of ribbon.

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How to Use Wedding Invitations to Tell Your Love Story

Celebrated love stories exist in fairy tales, dusty poetry books and romantic movies. Through these we’ve witnessed the love of many sweethearts and hope that our own destiny can replicate that fantasy. If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you are engaged (or headed in that direction) and have already started your own tale of devotion and passion.

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Decorative Knots That "POP" Your Invitation!

Introducing our new video blog featuring Niki Patterson our Social Media Consultant. Today, Niki introduces a number of ways to really "POP" your invitation using ribbons tied in different ways. Ribbon belly bands, knoted bands, simple knots, loop knots, french knots and windsor knots, turn a simple invitation into a stunning invitation--see for yourself!  


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Have You Found the Right Company for Your Wedding Invitations?

One of the first tasks on the list of wedding planning is invitations. From the guest list to the stamps, it’s an undertaking that should be done with diligence and accuracy. Whether you’re the do-it-yourself bride or looking to hire a company, we’ve compiled a list of qualities and features to look for in invitation consultants.

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Our New Fuchsia Elegance Kit--Bold and Beautiful

When you want your wedding invitation to make a statement with color use Fuchsia--a rich, deep pink, fuchsia is one of this year's top wedding colors