How to Use Wedding Invitations to Tell Your Love Story

Celebrated love stories exist in fairy tales, dusty poetry books and romantic movies. Through these we’ve witnessed the love of many sweethearts and hope that our own destiny can replicate that fantasy. If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you are engaged (or headed in that direction) and have already started your own tale of devotion and passion.

Love story

The truth is, your love story is the only narrative that matters. Your passionate connection has evoked elation and utter bliss; from the first kiss to the trivial arguments, it has created a life of its own, one that’s unique and beautiful. The moment your engagement was official, you were beaming. Think back to that day and treasure the occasion; those are the moments you should call upon when planning the most captivating day of your life.

Wedding planning can be an undertaking riddled with stress and calamity. It can deter one from the true meaning of the event: your love story. Sure, a bottle of wine and Etta James can unwind a tough day, but it’s the hand of your significant other and the quiet moments of true love that can get you through anything. Incorporate your love story—beginning with your wedding invitations—not only to share the magical tale of your affection, but to keep your big day on track.

Add a Personal Touch

Have a little fun with this task. If your most treasured moments are spent oceanside, try incorporating blue palettes. Is there a quote that’s been spoken between the two of you, one that makes your heart ache with gratitude? Include that in the invitation. And maybe a few special guests had a helping hand in introducing you or playing referee during tough times. A handwritten letter for those folks will go a long way. It’s simple: get personal, get cheesy. It’ll resonate.

Incorporate Photos

Share something special with your invitees. Whether it’s engagement photos, childhood photos or those beloved selfies, include them! Your guests want to see the faces of the lovebirds, so give the people what they want! Share your adoration for one another with the world and let the world tape it to their fridge.  

Tell Your Story

Life is too short for stuffy language and prewritten jargon, tell your story and make it magical. Documenting your love story will add the appropriate touch to your wedding day and allow your guests lose themselves in your own fairytale. How did you meet? Was the first date awkward or sweet? Did he drop the ring in his spaghetti plate at dinner? Not all of your guests know your day-to-day, so for those long distance relatives, this will allow them to feel included in your lives.

Remember, your wedding day is about continuing your love story, because in 50 years you won’t remember what the cake tasted like. Let Wedding Bell Invitations guide you in your hunt for the perfect invitations. Our customizable wedding kits grant you the freedom of expression. Take this time to explore our single card invitations, pocket folder invitations and event cards. We look forward to turning your fairy tale into an everlasting journey!

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