Honoring Military Weddings

To be a Soldier is to be brave, fearless and kind, and to be a Soldier’s spouse is to be brave, fearless and kind. Life with the military is an honorable one filled with gratitude from all those around you, including Wedding Bells. We want to thank all of our Soldiers, along with their families, for providing us with daily security and assurance.

Wbi military weddings

Military weddings are filled with a variety of emotions, from complete bliss to overwhelming gratitude. If you are in the midst of planning a military wedding, we congratulate you! Allow us to help with the details as you enjoy the excitement of engagement.


It may be significant for a Coast Guard wedding to occur on the beach, where the calming ocean is crashing behind them. It’s quite common, however, for military weddings to take place on academy grounds or in a military chapel. Many branches have chapels of multiple religions and provide ceremonies for many couples. These locations are in high-demand so be sure to reserve the chapel at least a year in advance. It is important to note that military chapels are decorated by the Chapel Altar Guild, giving your ceremony a timeless adornment.


Every branch of the military has its own designated color scheme, one that joins them with their unit. You or your future spouse has made a career in fighting for our country and we think it’s pretty cool to incorporate their branch color. Below we’ve broken down the branches by color, as well as complementing colors for your big day.

Army: Dark Green
Complementary Colors: Deep purple & white

Air Force: Blue
Complementary Colors: Soft pink & Soft purple

Marine Corps: Dark Blue (Almost Black)
Complementary Colors: Varying shades of blue

Navy: Navy Blue
Complementary Colors: Salmon & Soft orange

Coast Guard
Orange & Yellow
Complementary Colors: Forest green & Navy blue

Uniform Dress

Military men & women don’t get the opportunity to display their dress uniform often; allow them to exhibit their service for all to see. This includes any military groomsmen; they will stand a little taller and hold their heads a little higher when wearing these outfits. Don’t worry; bridesmaids get to wear the same unique dresses as always.

Dress uniforms may also include Military swag of sorts, such as, swords, sabers and rifles. Swords can used to cut the cake—quite the dramatic display—but tradition never fails. And what an elegant exit, making your departure under an arch of sabers.

Honor The Military

At some point during the ceremony or reception; pay your respects to the men and women who are currently fighting for our country. Show your gratitude for those close to you who have lost their lives in the heat of battle and allow your spouse to salute his groomsmen and other respective military at that time. In addition to paying your respects verbally, it’s an admired gesture to seat your guests according to rank. Military weddings are more than a celebration of union; they’re the beginning of life as a military family.

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