Bridesmaid Alert: Four Great Bridal Shower Themes

Women have always found ways to support each other and the bridal shower is no exception. Legend has it that the first bridal shower was given in Belgium for a young woman whose father opposed her choice of grooms and withheld her dowry. The women in the village got together and each brought a small gift to make up for the lack of dowry. They ended up giving her more than she would have gotten from her disapproving father. Word spread of their success and a tradition was born...

Modern bridal showers are usually hosted by the bridesmaids who plan, throw, and pay for the event. These gatherings are a wonderful time to celebrate the bride and her new life as well as enjoy good food, stories and laughter. As there can be multiple generations involved, this is also an opportunity to pass on “marriage wisdom.”

To help you get creative, here are four epic shower invitations and ideas:

Our "We Be Stylin!" Bridal Shower Invitations

1. We Be Stylin! 

This is a perfect invitation when you have a bride who loves fun and stylish gifts. The gifts can range from wild “bling” to gorgeous scarves, to unusual one-of-a-kinds. You can also choose to make this a theme shower, for example, have everyone bring a stunning scarf and have a stylist on-hand to demonstrate how many different ways they can be worn. Or have everyone gift the bride with outrageous earrings and have a beautiful display screen to hang them on. The gifts can be accompanied with a story of the bride that begins: "I remember when (bride’s name)…" followed by a personal story about the bride or about you and the bride. This is a lovely way for guests to get to know each other as well as sharing stories about the bride that not everyone knows.

Beautiful Kitchen Magic Bridal Shower Invitations2. Kitchen Magic

For the bride who loves to cook! Share the magic of food with her by asking everyone to bring a kitchen utensil and a recipe that calls for it. You can even provide a recipe box that all the recipes can fit in. This is a great way to exchange wonderful recipes and be introduced to fun, necessary or unusual kitchen items. You can also have a cooking themed shower; specify that everyone should bring recipes and utensils for making sushi and then have a sushi chef to demonstrate the art of making California Rolls. 



Naughty and Nice Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitation Kits3. Naughty and Nice

When you want to have the perfect Lingerie party, this one’s for you. From demure to outrageous, send the bride off with a variety of colors and styles. Encourage your guests to branch out and have lingerie for every conceivable mood—shy, daring, adventuress, fun, light, etc. This is the type of party that you can pair with fun games like “Toilet Paper Lingerie” that no one will forget!



Girfriends Bridal Sower Invitation Kits

4. Girlfriends

This is our top choice for a destination shower invitation. When you want to really dress up and hit the town for a fabulous night out with the bride, use this invitation. Here you want to let the guests choose something wonderful for the bride. This works well for a bride who has a complete kitchen and would like something special and unique from her friends and family. Destination bridal showers can be a fabulous restaurant, spa or a new club in town—think about what the bride would really enjoy experiencing with her BF’s and family and go from there.


These are just a few ways to be creative in planning your bridal shower. With all of our Shower Invitations, you can choose the color of the backer card that matches the bride’s colors or one that suits your shower theme. Then you simply download the printable template, change the wording to suit, fill it out and print on the invitation cards provided--attach the invitation to the backer card using double sided tape and mail. Simple.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy celebrating your friend’s journey into a new phase of life!



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