Drop the Phones! Unplug Your Wedding


As a society, we’ve become extremely dependent on the technology that surrounds us, from computers and laptops at home to smartphones and tablets that we carry with us everywhere.

In this age of instant updates and gratification, it’s gotten to a point at which many people check their phones simply for security; because they haven’t done it in a few minutes.

It’s something we’ve become accustomed to, but constantly checking and interacting with these devices can be considered rude when you’re with other people. Could you imagine if your wedding guests were checking Facebook and Instagram instead of witnessing your first kiss as a married couple?

While “hashtagging” your big day is a popular new tech-trend at weddings, don’t be afraid to do the opposite! Let’s take it back to the simpler times where purses were filled with lipstick, blush and mints, and people experienced weddings for themselves, not for their online friends and followers.

There’s hope! Out of our obsession with mobile devices, a movement to unplug (sometimes) was born, and it’s gaining support with weddings. This past year we saw a growing number of “unplugged weddings,” an idea that fit naturally with other trends like DIY wedding invitations and rustic “barn” weddings.

The idea is simple enough: kindly ask that guests refrain from using their cell phones during the big event by including a message in your invitations and programs.

Actually getting your guests to give up their phones is another task altogether. Try having an extra usher who runs a ‘phone check’ with tickets or tags so that your guests can relinquish their phones with the confidence that they will be safe.

It may be a hard sell in this day and age, but the goal is to have your guests experience and engage with the wedding free from texts, emails and the multitude of distractions that our devices send our way.

Undoubtedly, some guests will complain that they just want to take a few pictures. Stand tough! Don’t let your wedding revolve around camera phones, Facebook and Instagram. After all, if you’re paying top dollar for the professional photographer, don’t you want those to be the first photos on social media?

Whether you have 200 guests or 50, your wedding ceremony is an intimate setting that deserves honor and respect. Create DIY wedding invitations, craft DIY decorations, ditch the phones and host an old-fashioned event where ringtones and likes don’t distract from rings and kisses.

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