It's 2015: Which Wedding Theme is Perfect for You?

Which Wedding Theme is Perfect for You?

The new year is here along with some fresh and fun wedding themes! Here at Wedding Bell Invitations, we've hand-picked 5 of the hottest wedding trends of 2015 to help you create your dream wedding and find the wedding invitation to match.

Modern & Classy

A modern wedding is chic, bold yet powerfully simplistic. It's perfect for those who want a traditional wedding with an updated and creative twist. Sophisticated whites and neutrals are accented by subtle pops of color throughout the invitations and decor.

For your modern wedding, we recommend using a chic pattern and bold contrast to complement your wedding theme, like the Black and Ivory Damask design.

Rustic & Vintage

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A rustic theme adds a comfortable, heart-warming feel to the wedding celebration. This style has a rugged elegance that is generally set in a country home, ranch, or barn. Eclectic, vintage-style decor and props add a fun and whimsical touch to the celebration.

Your rustic wedding needs the Chocolate Layered Invitation design for the perfect blend of rustic and vintage styles.

Naturally Beautiful

This year, more couples are planning "unplugged" weddings in natural locations to make their celebration feel more authentic and personal. At this kind of wedding, guests are kindly asked to shut off their phones and to refrain from taking photos or videos so that everyone can enjoy the celebration without distractions. Couples set the location in a place that doesn't need decor, like the shoreline along a lake or in an area surrounded by trees and natural beauty.

Tie it all together with a simple and lovely announcement design, like the Tiffany Bordered Invitation.

Woodland Wedding

Wildflower crowns, loose braids, and mismatched pastel bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a woodland wedding theme. For the decor, everything should feel outdoorsy yet sophisticated. A mix of natural elements like pine cones, branches, and terrariums with touches of lace or even a sparkle of glitter look naturally glamorous together.

For the invitations, go with something elegant like our Ivory Handmade Kit, made of handmade paper embedded with real flower petals and grasses to tie your woodland wedding together.

Offbeat & Bright

You can throw the wedding rulebook out the window with this theme! An offbeat wedding theme is one that is completely unique, meaning that it is the best representation of who you are as a couple. Bright colors in the big details against muted palettes make for a vibrant celebration that is still chic and tasteful in design. Mix up the event with fun games, your own color theme, and dare to do things out of order with your ceremony and reception.

Choose an invitation that has playful colors against a neutral background, like our Pink Floral Kit.

Whether it's from this list or from your imagination, pick a theme that best represents you and your new spouse. Remember: your wedding is supposed to be a celebration, so have fun with it!

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