Hot Spring & Summer Invitation Colors

Hot Spring & Summer Invitation Colors - DIY Invitation Cards

The first buds are appearing up here in the Rocky Mountains, spring is just beginning to unfurl. The first outdoor wedding at Lionsgate Restaurant will be this Saturday-- I always love seeing the new colors of the bridal parties gathered along the creek. This year I'm anticipating two different directions on the color wheel. First, vibrancy--bright greens, royal blues, bright pinks and and purples. The more color, the better. Than we go the opposite direction, subtle and delicate, lovely lavender, tiffany blue, and light blue. And all of the above accented with silver--silver seals, silver ribbons, silver backer insert cards. 


To broaden our rich color collection, this year we are adding three of the new 2015 colors:

1. Lime Green Pocket Folder:  Our lovely Lime Green Pocket Folder Kit comes with everything you need to create a wonderful spring or summer invitation. This bright and electric color is perfect for an afternoon or evening wedding.  Choose the template that matches your event, and then customize it to fit your style. Accent your invitation with a backer insert and a ribbon color of your choice and you have a stunning, professional looking invitation. Lime Green is also available in the Elegance style.                                              

 2. Royal Blue Pocket Folder: This deep and rich color is truly the color for royalty. Choose either the pocket folder style or the Royal Blue Elegance Kit when you need to provide your guests with more information. When you choose to design and create your own invitation you retain control over the look and feel of it. We get you started by having the templates all aligned for you, but you can change the font style and/or size, the ink color, and the flourishes. You can easily create a unique work of art at home on your own computer and print it out on an inexpensive inkjet printer. Our kits provide all the materials you need, you just add the creativity and love!

3. Lavender Elegance Invitation Kit In the delicate and subtle direction we have added a lovely lavender color in our Elegance line. Lavender is perfect for a garden or afternoon event. Not only can you use lavender as an invitation color but it is easy to use throughout your wedding as the dominant color. Use gorgeous lilac flower arrangements in the ceremony venue as well as a reception for color and fragrance.  Chair covers and tablecloths in lavender will give your reception a romantic feel. And lovely lavender bridesmaids dresses adds that soft and dreamy feel of pure magic.

Try ordering one of our invitation samples, check out the amazing colors and quality of our paper and test out your design and printing skills. See why our customers rave about their invitations.

Well, if you have some other ideas about Hot Spring & Summer Invitation Card Colors,  we at Wedding Bell Invitation would love to hear. 

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