Let Me Count the Ways...

Make your Own Invitation Cards - Fun, Creative and Personalized 

For me receiving an invitation in the mail is like Christmas. You open this beautiful hand addressed the envelope to discover what’s inside. It always makes me feel special someone took the time, the effort to send something in the mail. In this day and age, it really is so much more meaningful to receive mail; it has become too easy to just do everything electronically.  I am willing to bet your guests will appreciate the fact you took time to create this for them and in turn, they will take time to think about how best to attend your event be it casual or formal.

DIY (do it yourself) invitations can sound overwhelming, scary, and downright horrible, but I am here to give a few reasons why I love DIY invitations.

Let Me Count the Ways….

1. Totally complete 100% your own unique invitation no two are alike (unless you want them to be).  There are so many colors options and styles to choose from; add to that all the ribbon colors and lace to mix and match and make a beautiful invite for any occasion from festive to formal.

2. Matching your wedding colors with your invitation. This will give your guest a color theme for their attire as well as set the mood and tone of your event.

3 Personalization of Invitation cards: Maybe you want to send your Parents or special attendees a special personalized invite or create a unique menu for your dinner guests …well you can do that with DIY no need to pay a separate charge for separate printing or place a separate order just type in whatever you want your card to say and print. Our invites are completely changeable; we offer suggestion templates but you can create anything you like.

4.   Extras!!! We offer products that come with a basic set up, however, you can always add to the basic kit.  Ribbons, Lace, backer inserts, extra direction cards, thank you cards, and RSVP cards.  Customizing to get exactly what you need and want to create your perfect invitation

5. Get creative with your DIY invitations there are tons of options on the Internet to add charms and dried flowers as well as tie-dye instructions, truly your options are limitless. 

I could go on and on but I would rather show you so go on over to my Pinterest page for more ideas and information about DIY invitations and event inspiration boards

Christi DeVoe

I am the Marketing Director of Wedding Bell Invitations.  I have my Bachelor in Business from St Gregory's University, in Shanwnee, Oklahoma.  Leaving in the mountains has always been my dream; my family and I currently reside in the cozy town of Nederland, Co.  Before arriving at my dream living destination I was the Manager and Catering Director for the Palace Cafe for almost a decade.  I am always looking for the fun in life and try to keep a smile on my face.  Hope you enjoy my Blogs!