Oh, at last, that time of year when its cold outside and everyone is having a party.  Well, I have some sage advice on how to get through the holiday season with some ease.  These are my tried and true do's and don'ts for attending any event.

The Holidays are Here!

Oh, the holidays are upon us and for many of us, this means parties and events galore.  Here are some helpful tips to carry you through these next few months. 

When attending a holiday event make sure you know the appropriate dress code.  You would hate to show up to a formal event in casual dress or a costume party without a costume.  To make sure you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons always check your invitation for clues on dress code and when in doubt send a quick message to the hostess asking what the appropriate attire will be for their event. 

Now that you’re all dressed and ready to go make sure you have a bite to eat; even if it is a dinner party.  None of us are at our best when we are hungry and when you may be meeting new people you want to put your best foot forward.  Eating a light snack will stave off hunger for a few hours in case the food is not ready on time or in case there is nothing served you want to eat or can eat due to dietary restrictions.  This will also help keep you from getting too intoxicated too early in the evening. 

Which leads me to my next tip…. Do not drink too much! Parties are fun and you should have a drink and enjoy yourself, however, there is a fine line between having a few drinks and having a few drinks too many. Most of us know our limit and if you don't, experiment at home before going to any events.  (Again you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons) Eating will help but the best advice is to alternate between a glass of water and an alcoholic drink.  This will keep you standing upright and help deter a hangover by keeping you hydrated. 

My final tip for enjoying the holiday event circuit: Learn to say no! If you are not feeling well, don’t attend-- the other guests with thank you for not exposing them.  If you really don’t want another drink or know another will put you over the edge just politely say no thank you or ask for some water.  Don’t like what they are serving don’t eat it, don’t want to dance to rap music don’t. This is your holiday season as well and you should celebrate in a fashion that makes you happiest.  After all, parties are designed to bring joy so if it is not just politely decline. 


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Christi DeVoe

I am the Marketing Director of Wedding Bell Invitations.  I have my Bachelor in Business from St Gregory's University, in Shanwnee, Oklahoma.  Leaving in the mountains has always been my dream; my family and I currently reside in the cozy town of Nederland, Co.  Before arriving at my dream living destination I was the Manager and Catering Director for the Palace Cafe for almost a decade.  I am always looking for the fun in life and try to keep a smile on my face.  Hope you enjoy my Blogs!