Here comes the Groom!

Here comes the Groom! 

Once upon a time, Grooms was sidelined for the wedding planning; well, those days are long gone.

Grooms are more accepted/requested during the wedding planning than ever before in History. Today’s Grooms are allowed to have a style of their own and express themselves in the ceremony and reception. 

The moment the doors open and the groom sees his bride for the first time is almost always a magical moment.  Why not make it special for her as well?

 At my rehearsal dinner my husband had a beard and a full head of hair; when the doors opened for me to walk down the aisle I saw him; he was clean shaved with a shaved head.  I am not recommending such a drastic change but I will say I was happily surprised to see him so clean again. However, I do recommend not letting her see your tux or you in it before the ceremony. 

Also, Choose a style that fits your personality and the wedding.  Try wearing a colored tuxedo or add a surprise pop of color instead of traditional black.  If your wedding is more casual consider rolled up sleeves and suspenders for a dressed up casual look.  Boutonnières are another subtle way to insert your personality into the wedding.  Try something unexpected like hot wheel cars or action figures instead of flowers.

Tell your bride if there are foods you really want at the reception or set up a grooms food bar with all your favorite foods.  Make sure the DJ knows what songs you want to dance to/hear.  Weddings are about merging two lives together and that requires compromise; which begins the day you get engaged.  Grooms speak up for what you want and brides make sure to find a way to make them feel as special as you do on this the first day of your life together.  

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