POP Your Printable Wedding Invitations With Embellishments!

POP Your Printable Wedding Invitations With Embellishments!

There are so many ways to embellish and design one of a kind invitations, thank you cards, and stationary. Here are some of my favorites:

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This is going to sound crazy (completely out of my mind crazy but trust me it's amazing!) Fill a container that your paper will fit in easily with Shaving Cream, yep that’s right I said Shaving Cream. Next, add food coloring a few drops of whatever color you like and take a knife a wavy it back a forth not mixing just swirling the color around then press your paper or cardstock firmly into the mixture and take it out using a knife to wipe off the paper and lay it on a towel to dry.  You can do this to the entire paper or just part o the envelope of just half the paper; play around with it and see what you like. It’s fun and makes your invitation totally one of a kind.

I know this is messy but I love glitter or confetti inside a party invitation it's like a celebration in an envelope.  If you don’t want the mess of glitter then pick any confetti or make your own with dried pressed flowers.  Pour a little bit into each invitation before you seal the envelope and when your guest opens it the contents will spill out.

Another trend that I love is sending seed packets with your invites that when planted bloom near the date of your event.  This takes a little research on your part but it will be so memorable for your guests.  You can take it a step farther and have those same flowers at your event since they will be in bloom anyway.

Sewing ribbon or string through the paper is a beautiful way to make your invitations unique.  All you need is the string, yarn, ribbon of your choice and a needle it will fit through then just hand sew weaving up and down in equal intervals around the edge of the paper or just on the side it's totally up to you.

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