Military Weddings

Military weddings range from formal to fun and somewhere in between.

Let me start by telling you I am proud to be married to a retired Air Force man for the last 10 years and our wedding had absolutely nothing to do with the military. 

One thing I wish I had done was sew my husband name from his uniform into the inside of my dress. That would have been such a special moment to share with him later; when he was helping me out of the dress. You can also do this with a garter belt for a little surprise when he goes to get it.  

My husband did not want to wear his uniform for our ceremony and that's just fine with me. I feel it should be the groom's decision to wear or not to wear his uniform.  I am including groom only in the previous statement because I feel most women want to wear a wedding dress for their wedding. However, I could be wrong. 

Some Service men and women choose to include other members of the service to serve as groomsmen or bridesmaids if this is the case everyone in uniform would be an easy and inexpensive route to take for you and your wedding party. It will also look amazing in photographs.   

Other ways to include military into your day in a subtle way is to add the logo to your invitations or menu.  Include Flags as your send off instead of military salute.  Make your wedding colors red, white and blue or the colors of your specific branch of the military.  You could have a military band perform as you walk down the aisle.  However, you choose to celebrate your service or your loved one's service make sure it is dignified and respectable; no need to insult or offend anyone on your special day.  And Wedding Bell Invitation can help you craft a perfect Custom Invitation card, Thank You card, RSVP Cards for this special day. 

Remember you are joining your lives together and in the military, if you are spouse you are equally as important as the person serving.  You should try to find even a small way to represent the military family as well. For more tips and ideas visit our Pinterest page and check out our vows and valor board for inspiration.

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