DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding, If you want something done right do it yourself long as you don't overestimate your abilities! 


Just a few words of wisdom regarding DIY weddings:  

Start with one simple project that can be done way ahead of time-- if that is successful move on to the next.  Simple projects such as DIY wedding Invitations "very classy, economical and elegant ways of inviting guests to your wedding"

Keep a book to stay organized.  DIY brides can be cost conscious, detail oriented and not always crafty.  Know your strengths and focus on them.  If you are unsure try a sample, you want to make sure your results are up to your standards before the big event.  

Communicate with your wedding party what you want/need and see who offers to help.  If you know someone has the skills you need to complete a task then ask them if they don't volunteer.  If all else fails to bribe your friends with a DIY party. Host something with all the supplies ready for them to help and order pizza and beer or wine and cheese plate whatever your crowd will want.

Not everything should be a DIY project. For instance, unless you're a highly skilled metalsmith and jeweler, we probably wouldn't recommend creating your own wedding bands. So if you're trying to stick to a reasonable budget, check out resources like Some good guidelines for items you probably don't want to DIY:

  • If it requires a skill you don't have
  • If the retail cost of the raw materials would be more expensive than outsourcing it to a company that can get the materials wholesale
  • If you don't have enough time to do it justice
  • If that item or aspect of your wedding is highly important to you and you just don't want to mess it up :)

 A few last words of advice. Do not exhaust your friends and family, make sure they have enough time to do the tasks.  Make sure you know your venue limits, space size and time for set up.  Remember, not everyone is going to like what your choices are but it is not their wedding it is yours.  That said, be prepared for critiques and try not to take them personally.  Everyone has different taste-- the best way to handle it is to politely thank them for their input and move along.  

DIY wedding is incredibly special, they truly are a one of kind event you can be proud of.

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