2016 Wedding Trends

2016 Wedding Trends are Amazing!


Wedding trends this year are super fun and relaxed & I love them. Let's first talk colors. The brighter the better when it comes to color palette this year. Bold colors that stand out against casual, laid back settings are the latest trend for 2016. If you go bold you have to go metallic too. This year offers stunning sparkly shinning options for invitation colors. No matter what bold color you choose be it Blue, Gold, Silver or Green make sure it shimmers with a hint of metallic.  We at Wedding Bell Invitations have known this for years and many if not most of our inviations come in a metallic shimmer shade.  You can then compliment your awesome invtation with a bright colored ribbon, backer paper in a bright color or adding confetti is fun new option.   

Moving on to reception and ceremony trends. Fun and relaxed is the thing to do for your 2016 wedding.  Making the atmosphere comfortable by adding pillows and soft seating.  Soft lighting and candlelight is making a romantic comback.  Ceremony trends are less formal more fun than in the past.  However, If you want to stick with tradional ceremony try to add a really old ceremonail tradtion that is meaningful for you both and will offer smething different for your guests to learn about, and enjoy.  

Now on to every bride to be's favorite wedding topic Dresses!  This year is the return of vintage lace or/and sheer sleeves. Lace and sheer cut outs are everywhere this season from boho dresses to ball gowns.  Sleeves are on trend this year.  Most designers offer some sort of dress option with sleeves and tea length dresses are back too. I found that many designers have options that are tea length with sleeves or full skirt with sleeves and almost all of them have some sort of lace in the design.  This year for the brave, daring and unique bride there are many bright floral print wedding dress options to choose from.  If you choose to go in the direction of a colored dress this season it should definitely be a floral pattern and not just one color.  And don't forget to reach out to wedding bell invitation team for unique, creative & fun wedding invitation cards.

Overall this year offers FUN for brides, grooms, and guests.  I am looking forward to seeing what all you engaged couples choose to do this year. 2016 is going to be amazing! 




Christi DeVoe

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