How to Create an Elegant Wedding Invitation

The word “elegance” means to be graceful and stylish. When we first began Wedding Bell Invitations back in 2007 our moniker was “creating elegance one wedding at a time”-- certainly that is still our goal today. We wanted to design DIY wedding invitations that were beautiful, stylish and elegant.  A DIY elegant wedding invitation was not the norm then—mostly they were sweet and simple. I should know—I choose one for our wedding years ago and found the choices very limited.

When I began designing DIY wedding invitation kits, I wanted to offer a variety of styles, enhancements, and templates so that our couples had much more to choose from and customize than I did.  For example, let’s take our most popular kit, The Elegance Line.

Let’s say you are having a Black Tie Formal Wedding. You can create a formal elegant wedding invitation using the Black Elegance kit and adding the Silver Backer insert and the Silver envelope insert. By using Templates #2, #4 or #5 you indicate to your guests that this will be a formal and stylish affair.  

But your event does not have to be formal to use an elegant wedding invitation card. One my latest creations is the Real Lace Line.

Perfect for events that are held outside, or in a Rustic or Vintage setting, you can use these for an elegant wedding invitation that also captures the feel you want.

Another way to create an Elegant Wedding Invitation is to use beautiful paper in a gorgeous color. So, if you have a morning or afternoon wedding in a local venue that is familiar to your guests, I would recommend you take a look at our Horizon Line. 

We have selected the most popular colors in the most beautiful papers. So for example, our Emerald Shimmer Horizon Pocket folder kit uses the color “Emerald” which is one of the selected Bridal colors for 2019. By using this color and enhancing it with the Lagoon Blue or Gold Backer insert  you can create an absolutely stunning DIY elegant wedding invitation.

For those of you who want to create an elegant wedding invitation with a single card, you can do that by enhancing with ribbons or borders or layers. These are featured in our Bordered Kits and         Layered Kits respectively. 

By using our DIY Wedding Invitation kits and the enhancements provided to choose from plus the easy to customize templates, you can create an elegant wedding invitation that your friends and family will be completely astonished by.

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Hi, I'm one of the co-owners here at Wedding Bell Invitations. I have been involved with weddings and marriage for many years both as a wedding officiant and as a marriage counselor. I have a wealth of experience with every aspect of creating wedding ceremonies and have officiated in all types of settings and weather.

When my husband and I wanted to create an online business, we automatically gravitated to the wedding industry. I love paper and designing kits that are beautiful, affordable and easy to use. One of the most wonderful aspects of our business is getting emails with pictures of the beautiful invitations our customers have created and their joy in them-- to be a part of that process is one of my greatest pleasures!