"My aunt suggested that I use a printable wedding invitation kit—how do I know if they are right for me?"

I received this question in an email recently and it’s a very important one. How do you know if a printable wedding invitation kit is right for you? So, in answering this question there are three issues to consider.


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1. Do you have the time? Printable kits are more labor intensive and more time consuming than a “Done for You” invitation, which is why they cost considerably less. They also can give you a unique wedding invitation that reflects exactly the “feel” you want to create.  With our invitations, we wanted to give you the most options for your time so you can print them yourself—the most time consuming or take them to a printer—the least time consuming but more expensive option. For 100 invitations, I would allow one to two week-ends for printing and assembling before mailing.

2. Do you have skill with either “Word” or “Pages”? You certainly don’t need to be an expert to create your very own unique wedding invitations, but you do need to understand how to use fonts, change ink colors and adjust margins so that you can customize our templates to what you want. All our templates are perfectly designed to print easily, but you do need some experience with either “word” or “pages” for it to be a fun experience. For instructions on designing read this. We also provide custom blank invitations so that you can design them yourself. For example, if you have in mind a very modern wedding invitation, you can either use this template or create your own. You can download any of our templates immediately and practice so that you gain confidence in creating your own designs or changing ours to fit your ideas. Plus—you can download and practice before you order!

3. Do you have the right printer or access to a “Kinko’s” printer? The best printer to use with our printable wedding invitation kit is an HP Office Ink Jet printer. The way to tell what kind of printer you have is to open up the back and look for the ink cartridge. If the cartridge is shaped like a cigarette package (squarish) you have an ink jet printer and can use this to print our invitations. If you have a cylinder shaped (cigar shape) ink cartridge, you have a Laser Printer and this will not print our small RSVP cards. You can print our Bordered kits, our Lace kits and our Layered kits with this, however any kit with an RSVP set included will not be usable with this printer. So what do you do in that case? You order the “Take to Printer” option which is designed to be taken to a printer or used at home with a laser printer. If you use your own laser printer you will need to take it to a printer to be cut.

Weddings are one of our only remaining universal rituals—so they are very important events. The invitations become treasured keepsakes not only for you who are marrying, but for many friends and family members as well. Given that, it is worth your time and creativity to produce your own whether it be a romantic invitation, a modern wedding invitation or a colorful, fun invitation—Printable wedding Invitation kits give you the unique wedding invitations you dream of.

But don’t take our word for it—here is one of the many happy brides who have contacted us:

"I was a little hesitant about ordering DIY invitations for such an important occasion. I have always been semi-crafty but not so much that I was completely confident. Other than my dress this was probably the best wedding purchase I have made. They came out so beautifully. I gave the finished product to my future husband and he teared up. They were perfect. One of our guests even told my mother how lucky we were to afford such beautiful invitations. It took a new cartridge of ink, a printer that I had from college and Wedding Bell Invitations."

        - Stacy W.







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Hi, I'm one of the co-owners here at Wedding Bell Invitations. I have been involved with weddings and marriage for many years both as a wedding officiant and as a marriage counselor. I have a wealth of experience with every aspect of creating wedding ceremonies and have officiated in all types of settings and weather.

When my husband and I wanted to create an online business, we automatically gravitated to the wedding industry. I love paper and designing kits that are beautiful, affordable and easy to use. One of the most wonderful aspects of our business is getting emails with pictures of the beautiful invitations our customers have created and their joy in them-- to be a part of that process is one of my greatest pleasures!