A Formal Affair--Black and Navy Blue Invitations

When I first began designing wedding invitations, color selection was one of my first priorities. I assumed that white and light cream would be the top sellers—WRONG. Our top sellers for years have been Black invitation cards and Blue invitation cards especially Navy blue and silver invitations. Now, to be fair, I do have the largest and most varied selection of Black and Blue wedding invitations on the internet but none the less, both Black and Navy blue make for stunning and elegant wedding invitations.


So, when should you choose Black pocket folder invitations or Navy Blue pocket folder invitations? The simple answer is when you are having a formal or semi formal event.If you are having a sit down dinner reception that is “black tie” than you need a more formal invitation to communicate that and Black and Navy Blue are traditional, formal colors.Black Elegance Wedding Invitations  Black Linen Horizon Pocket Folder InvitationMidnight Blue Elegance kit

Pocket Folder invitations are also a good choice for formal events as you have more enclosure cards available for all the information you may need to include, especially if the wedding ceremony is in one venue and the reception is in another. You can also use the enclosure cards for a variety of different things from menu cards to maps to parking instructions. As all of our templates for your invitations are editable, you can be very creative with their usage.

Another way to use our pocket invitation kits is to add a backer insert. Backer inserts are solid colors that fit into the pocket card underneath the invitation card and frame the invitation. So for example we have a silver backer insert which looks gorgeous in both the black invitation pocket folder and the navy blue invitation pocket folder. This silver framing effortlessly creates elegant wedding invitations and makes a formal statement to your guests.

If you want a slight departure from these two formal colors, I have a wonderful pocket folder you can only get at Wedding Bell Invitations which is Midnight Blue. Midnight blue is a combination of Black and Navy Blue and is truly exquisite. When I found this paper, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and I haven’t seen it used for wedding invitations anywhere else.

Order a sample and hold it in the light—if you turn it one way it is Navy Blue and if you turn it another way, it is black. This is a unique invitation perfect for a semi-formal event.

Choosing the wedding invitations that are right for your event is one of the most important decisions you will make. If your event is a formal one, take your time, order samples early and experiment with style and color. Pocket Folder invitation kits can be made to look professionally done and provide a uniqueness that you will be proud to share.

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Hi, I'm one of the co-owners here at Wedding Bell Invitations. I have been involved with weddings and marriage for many years both as a wedding officiant and as a marriage counselor. I have a wealth of experience with every aspect of creating wedding ceremonies and have officiated in all types of settings and weather.

When my husband and I wanted to create an online business, we automatically gravitated to the wedding industry. I love paper and designing kits that are beautiful, affordable and easy to use. One of the most wonderful aspects of our business is getting emails with pictures of the beautiful invitations our customers have created and their joy in them-- to be a part of that process is one of my greatest pleasures!