Using Candles to Light Up Your Venue

Imagine coming into a room only lit by candlelight, their soft golden glow enveloping everything with mystery and beauty-- nothing elevates a room like candlelight. Limited budget for decorating? Candles and wreaths create timeless magic for any wedding. Use greens and berries for winter events with large, white and red pillar candles as centers; use springs buds and multicolored tapers for festive springs weddings and lush, full blossoms with votivs for summer events.  There are many ways to use candles in your event, here are just a few. 

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1. As Decoration: Using candles can create a lovely, romantic atmosphere for a wedding. Start with where the ceremony will be held, at the entrance where the guests sign in, have two candle holders for large pillar candles on either side of the guest book. These lit candles will cast enough light to write by but create a lovely, soft atmosphere. Inside the venue, place votive candles in as many places as it is safe to do so. With the lights on low and dozens of votive candles lit, the romance and mystery of the wedding ceremony is highlighted. In the reception hall you can continue this theme. You can create floating candle centerpieces on all of the reception tables and side tables making for a warm, golden glow. Pillar candles with tapers can also be placed around the hall to add to the feel.

2. During the ceremony: The Unity Candle Ceremony is a wonderful ritual that combines the ancient use of candles with present day symbolism. In a Unity Candle ceremony, you have a central candle and two or more taper candles. If this is a first marriage for both people, than you only need two tapers and the central candle to design the ritual around. If this is a second marriage that includes children, then you might want to include them as well which means you would need more of the taper candles. When designing the ritual, the most important part is deciding what the central pillar candle symbolizes for you as a couple or family. Does it represent marriage or new family or God's love, or universal love? Decide what feels meaningful for you. One couple lit the individual tapers and talked about how they represented their individual lives, families and friends. They then joint the individual flames and lit the central candle together symbolizing that their lives, families and friends were now joined and would walk the path of life together.

3. Honoring Loved Ones: Memorial candles are a lovely way to acknowledge the importance of someone who has died. The best way to use a memorial candle is to set up a small table with pictures of the person you are honoring along with the lit and engraved, memorial candle. The table can be set up in the wedding venue or at the reception indicating that the presence of this person is forever in your heart.

Which ever way you choose to use candles on your wedding day, they are a wonderful addition. From decoration to ritual to honoring, candles add beauty, symbolism and elegance.

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