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Tips for a Fun DIY Wedding

Tips for a Fun DIY Wedding

For those willing to take on the challenge, bringing a Do-It-Yourself style to a wedding can be extremely rewarding and fun. You want your DIY wedding to be a handcrafted, authentic celebration for you and your guests. Here are a few inspiring tips to make it happen:

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5 Things Every Bride Should Do After Getting Engaged


So you’re engaged? Congratulations! There's a lot of work ahead of you, so here are five steps to get you on a good start as you plan your wedding:

Unplug your wedding

Drop the Phones! Unplug Your Wedding


As a society, we’ve become extremely dependent on the technology that surrounds us, from computers and laptops at home to smartphones and tablets that we carry with us everywhere.

In this age of instant updates and gratification, it’s gotten to a point at which many people check their phones simply for security; because they haven’t done it in a few minutes.

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Take Control of Your Wedding Day

Take Control of Your Wedding Day

Are your wedding planner’s ideas front and center, outshining your dreams? If so, it’s time you stood up for your big day and claimed it as yours! The main voice you should be hearing is yours, and the ideas that should be flourishing are yours. With a little DIY love and guidance, you can make this a possibility.

It’s common for family members to want to weigh in on important decisions, from where the wedding should be held to the complications of the seating chart. And while gaining opinions and assistance from family and friends is nice, it’s not always necessary. In fact, keeping parts of your wedding a surprise would be a lovely touch

Weddings now and then

Weddings Now & Then


In a previous blog post (Behind the scenes with the Top Wedding Pros) we talked about four iconic weddings that have changed wedding trends in big ways. As we mentioned in that post, we are currently in the era of Expressionism where each couple creates the wedding that best fits them, often combining trends past and present with original ideas and elements. 

We’ve tracked the evolution of wedding trends through celebrity weddings, but how do some popular trends of today compare to those of yesteryear? 

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Your Fall Weddings: Charming Autumn Venues

If you’re looking for a bewitching season to wed, I invite you to choose fall. The changing leaves and cool breeze create a beautiful setting for a wedding. From fall food fare to pumpkin and mum centerpieces, your wedding will be memorable as you set it apart from the all too beloved summer affairs. It’s a trend that many contemporary wedding planners and brides adore.


How You Choose Your Wedding Dress Can Predict Whether Your Marriage Lasts or Not!

She has owned a Bridal Dress shop for over 20 years. 

"What is something interesting you've learned?" I asked.

"I can tell by the way a Bride chooses her dress whether the marriage will last." she replied.

Well THAT got my attention! Read on for her observations...

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Printing Your Own Stunning Semi DIY Wedding Invitations

Let Niki, our social media consultant, introduce you to the wonderful world of Printable Wedding Invitations. She will show you the different styles of invitation kits and how to customize them so that you can set the tone for your unique celbration. Enjoy!

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Wedding MBA 2014: Behind the Scenes With the Top Wedding Pro's

Last month, 2000 wedding professionals gathered in Las Vegas for the Wedding Merchants Business Academy to discuss wedding history, trends, innovations, and technology. Want to learn what's hot and what's not? Read on for Part I: Wedding Trends Past and Present

We'll start with wedding history as seen by Carley Roney, co-founder of The Knot. Carley talked about where we have been and where we are now, identifying wedding trends through four iconic weddings that changed how weddings were done.

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Wedding Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

Creating the perfect wedding suites from save the dates to programs is a thrilling venture of colors, ribbons and wording. Setting your invitations apart and devising original pieces is essential and begins with you, the Bride and Groom.

You’ve clipped images from magazines and pinned invites to your dream wedding board, giving you a compilation of stationary fit for a king. How do you sort through the mass of examples? What’s perfect, what’s great and what’s good?