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The Best American Bridal Expos

Weddings promote delight, appreciation and at times, anxiety. That’s why the Wedding fairies invented these thrilling events, to aide the bride in the decision making process. Bridal Expos showcase vendors and wedding enthusiasts who want to offer a helping hand for your big day. Such vendors may include (but are not limited to) bakers, florists, designers, event planners and venues


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How Jana'i Created Her Dream Wedding Invitation

One of the joys of being involved with DIY invitation kits is seeing how wonderfully creative people can be with our kits. I have often been utterly speechless at things I would never have thought to do. But every once in a while someone sends us a picture of their invitation that is so incredible that I just have to share it.


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Our New Fuchsia Elegance Kit--Bold and Beautiful

When you want your wedding invitation to make a statement with color use Fuchsia--a rich, deep pink, fuchsia is one of this year's top wedding colors