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Here comes the Groom!

Here comes the Groom! 

Once upon a time, Grooms was sidelined for the wedding planning; well, those days are long gone.

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Finding A Balance Between Traditional and Unique

Finding A Balance Between Traditional and Unique​

Everyone wants their wedding to be a unique, one of a kind, memorable event; however, they don’t want it to be so out of the box that they look back in horror.  This should be a day all about the happy couple and reflect both of their styles and desires for the day. This is an event that will be marked in your family history forever! Finding a balance between making it unique and keeping it traditional can seem challenging.  

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Your Fall Weddings: Charming Autumn Venues

If you’re looking for a bewitching season to wed, I invite you to choose fall. The changing leaves and cool breeze create a beautiful setting for a wedding. From fall food fare to pumpkin and mum centerpieces, your wedding will be memorable as you set it apart from the all too beloved summer affairs. It’s a trend that many contemporary wedding planners and brides adore.

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How to Use Wedding Invitations to Tell Your Love Story

Celebrated love stories exist in fairy tales, dusty poetry books and romantic movies. Through these we’ve witnessed the love of many sweethearts and hope that our own destiny can replicate that fantasy. If you’re reading this, there’s a chance that you are engaged (or headed in that direction) and have already started your own tale of devotion and passion.