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Weddings now and then

Weddings Now & Then


In a previous blog post (Behind the scenes with the Top Wedding Pros) we talked about four iconic weddings that have changed wedding trends in big ways. As we mentioned in that post, we are currently in the era of Expressionism where each couple creates the wedding that best fits them, often combining trends past and present with original ideas and elements. 

We’ve tracked the evolution of wedding trends through celebrity weddings, but how do some popular trends of today compare to those of yesteryear? 


How You Choose Your Wedding Dress Can Predict Whether Your Marriage Lasts or Not!

She has owned a Bridal Dress shop for over 20 years. 

"What is something interesting you've learned?" I asked.

"I can tell by the way a Bride chooses her dress whether the marriage will last." she replied.

Well THAT got my attention! Read on for her observations...