Corporate Branding

Another use companies have made of our pocket folder kits is corporate branding. This is a very economical way to increase your brand identity while saving on printing.

For example, choose our Navy Blue Elegance kit for your annual fundraising event, then use the Navy Blue Pocket folder kit as a personalized thank you for your donors. If you order our kits in bulk, you can always have blank kits available for spur of the moment communications or events. And because you control the printing, you never print more than you need. This is such an economical, elegant style of branding your corporate image and corporate events. Need custom solution for corporate branding cards and invitation, contact our customer support team. We are always happy to help.

Corporate branding bordered invitation kit
As low as $1.00 each
Corporate branding elegance invitation kit
As low as $2.25 each
Corporate branding invitation kit
As low as $2.20 each