DIY Wedding Invitation Kits

The wonderful thing about DIY wedding invitation kits that brides have discovered is that they can not only use them to create their own wedding invites at home in their own customized colors and designs but they can save a lot of money in the process. It's a fabulous way of putting your own creative flair on the invitations that represent one of the best days of your life. Customization is definitely the way to go. And printing your own DIY invites is so simple it's not surprising it's become hugely popular nowadays.

To make the printing process simple we have now introduced two printing options and three ways to print so that anyone can use our products. You may not realize this but the features on printers change very often. There are so many new printers on the market that it became difficult to figure out which ones work with our specialized custom cards and which ones didn't so we decided to change our site so that anyone can use the products.

How did we do that? We offer you the choice of whether you want to Print it Yourself or Take to Printer. The Print it Yourself option is used with most ink jet printers and supplies you with cards already cut to size. The Take to Printer option is used with all other printers or for people who want to take their designs down to the nearest printer and have them do it.

With this option you receive sheets of 8.5" x 11" stock paper. You fill out our specialized templates that you then print at home on the sheets of card stock provided. When you are finished, you simply take them down to a printer for cutting. And if you don't wish to print or cut at all, we understand, time can be a real issue with these large events. Simply download our Take to Printer templates, change the wording, colors, design, etc to suit your event and then upload the design on to a flash drive. Then take the flash drive and card stock paper to a printer for printing and cutting.

Create your own custom wedding invitation cards. All of our Wedding Bell Invitations samples are Print it Yourself so that you can try out your printer on our custom cut cards before ordering. That way you know which one to choose. For more information, read our blog post: Print it Your Way!

Our next piece of news is that we are introducing three new product lines!. Our new vintage Real Lace Invitations are a modern take using old world materials. You can choose from a variety of colors with two different laces and two different ribbon styles. Take a look below at the most popular ones right now.

And we added a new pocket folder line, Horizon, which gives another choice for building the pocket folder that really suits you event.

Winter is here as are the holidays--so what are couples choosing so far? I always love this part as it changes so much from year to year. For this year, our most popular colors for Winter are Burgundy, our latest Royal Blue collections and Emerald green. Our Vintage Lace invitation kits are our top seller so far with Pearl being the top color.

Browse our featured colors below as well as some of our past favorites and as always we love to hear from you so don't hesitate to call 303 444 6154 or email us at: with any questions you have about how to create your own DIY wedding invitations. We're here to help!

Diy bridal shower invitation lace
As low as $2.00 each
Burgundy layered invitations
As low as $0.50 each
Diy wedding invitation burgundy
As low as $0.75 each