Elegance Pocket Invitation Kits

Our Elegance-All-In-One Invitation kits truly are elegant pocket invitation kits! Today's events whether they are weddings, fund raisers or graduations, usually need to communicate more information to the guest than in past years. You may need two directions cards, or special instructions about gifts or donations or any number of myriad details. At the request of our customers, we created more wedding invitation cards to fit into our pocket invitation kits.

Our largest, the Elegance kits include two stacking cards that can be customized for your particular needs plus the invitation card and the RSVP card and envelope. And then all of it is held in a beautiful outer cover so that your guests will not loose the important information they need.

This has been the most requested of our pocket invitation kits. Scroll down for the history and a more in depth description of our beautiful Elegance ktis.

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As low as $1.05 each

Elegance Print Your Own Wedding Invitation Kits: A Step By Step Guide

How these Wedding Invitation Kits came into being

Several times a year we present our invitation kits at Bridal shows here in Boulder, Colorado. And we do what all good merchants do, we interview the couples who come by. These couples shared with us their frustrations about finding an invitation that had enough cards to provide their guests with the information they needed but allowed the couple to still stay within a reasonable budget. Plus they wanted one that was stylish and beautiful!

So, we began designing a kit that addressed the challenges our couples faced. Here's what we were looking for:

We wanted an original design that was also an elegant pocket invitation kit. We wanted to use top quality card stock as wedding invitation cards so the invitations would look and feel like top of the line invitations. We wanted to provide enough stacking cards for all the details but have them cut so they stack beautifully into one pocket. Plus, we wanted a design that was customizable so our couples could put their own stamp on it. Thus, the new Elegance All-In-One Kit came into being! And it has proved a top seller from Day one.

Let's go into more detail now.

What's inside the invitation kit?

When you open up your Elegance pocket folder you'll see an Invitation card and three stacking cards in the pocket that can be used for anything you want. The smallest card comes with an envelope so this is designed to be the RSVP card. The other pocket cards can be used for a variety of things, such as Directions, Venue details, Menu, Hotel information, a map, etc.

How you can use the stacking pocket cards:

This is a perfect invitation for people who have a wedding in one location and a reception in another. You can use the stacking cards as direction cards for each location. You can also use this as a destination wedding invitation where there is a lot of different kinds of information to be included. Or you can use them for things like the menu or thoughts on marriage or a favorite poem.

To further customize your invitations, we have backer insert cards in several different colors that you can use underneath the invitation card to really “pop” your invitation. So for example, the gold backer insert in the Golden Pearl Elegance Kit really adds a special touch as does the silver backer in the Black Elegance Kit.

Make it easy with our free templates!

We take the guess work out of printing so that you can print your own invitation kits without fear. Our kits come with downloadable templates that are all set up for you. You simply choose the font you want, change the wording to match your event and print. In the footer at the bottom of each page, you will see a column entitled Useful Tools. Here we have all kinds of instructions on designing, printing, wording and much more. If after reading and trying out our advice you need more help, call us. Our customer service manager is a whiz at sorting our any problems you run in to—although, very honestly he doesn’t have to do it much as todays ink jet printers are so good. And for those of you who would prefer to take this to a printer, we have you covered. Simply choose the "Take To Printer" option when you download your templates and fill them out. Take the completed templates and the 9 x 11 paper we send you to a printer and they will print and cut it for you . All that you need to do is assemble and mail.

How to have fun with Assembly!:

Now comes the fun part. Gather a few friends or family, have double sided tape or glue dots on hand and form an assembly line. One person tapes in the backer insert and hands in to the next person who tapes in the invitation card. He or she hands it to the next person who places the stacking cards and RSVP set (don’t forget the stamp on the RSVP envelope) in the folder, then closes and seals it. She passes it to the next person who places it in the stamped envelope and seals it. You’re done. It’s a lovely half day or evenings work and is fun for all involved, plus the results are truly stunning.

The best part!

But the best part is the cost. If you got a professional graphic designer or printer to print invitations that are close to this style it would run you anywhere from $4.00 to $13.00 per invitation. Our kits, where you print and assemble them yourself, are just $2.25 per invitation. And the truly wonderful part, your guests will not be able to tell the difference.

So go ahead and book that extra honeymoon day - with this kind of savings you can afford it!