Invitation Kit Extras

In our Extras page, you can order individual invitation kit items like- direction cards, envelops, extra invitation cards, envelope backers and seals--a la carte. This way you can create or customize your invitation kits your way. If for example, you only want the outer pocket folder covers and mailing envelopes, you can order them individually here without having to buy the whole kit. If you bought a kit and then later decide that you want to add vellums to it or a second ribbon or you need a few more RSVP cards, here is where you can order additional extras separately.

Wbi 2015 4 1355
As low as $0.20 each
Elegance pocket covers
As low as $1.78 each
Unlined envelopes
As low as $0.30 each
As low as $0.20 each
Extra invitation cards
As low as $0.18 each
Pocketfolders a la carte
As low as $1.63 each
Ribbons chart
As low as $0.20 each
Rsvp cards
As low as $0.20 each