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When we talk to our customers, one of the first things they will say is: "I don't know what style I want for my wedding invitations yet, but I do know what color I want." So, it felt very natural and practical to create a Shop Wedding Invitations by Color section.

What we have done here is put different color families into categories like-- Cream and White; Gold and Silver; Green and Brown. With Black and Blue invitations, we have such large selections that they each have their own category page. This way, when you shop wedding invitations by color, you can start with the category that contains the color you are looking for--it just makes things a little easier.

Now what you will notice when you shop wedding invitations by color is that not all of the pictures in the category will be the color that is listed. All that means is that the color you want is also available. So know that if you really like a certain style of invitation but the picture is in Blue and you wanted Red--if it is listed in the Red Category, it is available in Red as well.

And if you are not searching for a wedding invitation but for another event, our "Other Occasion" printable cards are listed here as well.


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