Whether you’re using our Single Card Invitation Kits or our Pocket Folder Invitation Kits, you’ll need to design the invitation cards to suit the details of your event. The best way is to use a software program like Microsoft Word. To help you with this you can download one of our free templates and just customize that. Follow these simple steps:

Printing template

STEP 1: Make it easy - use our printing templates!

The easiest way to design your invitation is to use our free printing templates because these are pre-formatted so you don’t have to figure out the dimensions of the paper, margins, etc.

There are two ways to select a template for download; 1) the best way is from the product page where you originally ordered the item, or 2) from our Free Printing Templates page.

You will need to choose which kind of template you want, the Print it Yourself template or the Take to Printers template. If you have an Ink Jet printer and you’re going to print everything yourself at home select the Print it Yourself template. If you’re going to take your invitations to a printing company or you have a Laser printer, select the Take to Printer template.

By the way, if you’re not sure which kind of printer you’ve got, here’s the way to find out – look at the print cartridge. If it’s a smallish one the size of your hand or smaller, it’s an Ink Jet printer. If it’s a long cylinder about 8” long, it’s a Laser Jet printer.

Download your templates to your computer and save them somewhere you’ll remember. Then double-click on them to open them up in Microsoft Word. Remember there is usually more than one template per invitation kit because there is one template for the invitation card, another template for the RSVP card, and maybe other templates for things like additional pocket cards, labels, etc.

STEP 2: Now put in your own wording

The next step is to change the wording on the template to suit what you want to say. This will generally include what the event is, when, where, and any general information the guest needs to know, such as Reception to Follow. More specific information, such as directions to the venue, menu choices, hotel booking details, etc are best put on separate cards that are included with the invitations.

If you need help with the specific wording of the invitation, see our Invitation Wording Help page.

TIP: Just get the words right first before you start thinking of how to make it pretty. There’s nothing worse than making a beautifully designed invitation and then realizing you’ve forgotten to include a line so you have to start over.

STEP 3: Now choose your fonts

OK, so you have the words down. Now it’s time to make your invitation look gorgeous! The first thing to do is to decide on a suitable font. A very nice classic combination often used for wedding invitations is a Copperplate font with a Script font. Here’s an example we just came up with for our Pearl Shimmer Pocket Folder Kit – the invitation uses a Copperplate Gothic Light font for the text and the couple’s names are in a script font - Snell BT.

Choose your fonts

If you want to use a more elaborate font that is not included in your version of Microsoft Word, you can easily download them from the websites shown below:

(Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with these sites and make no claim to their worthiness, etc. They are just sites we have used in the past)

How to Install a Font

If the font you’ve downloaded is a zip file, extract it before proceeding to the steps below:

Windows 7/8/Vista: Right-click on the font file and click Install

Windows XP: Put the font file into C:\Windows\Fonts

Mac OS-X: Double-click the font file and then select Install Font

Help with Fonts

Below is a table of some suggested fonts that look fantastic on a wedding invitation and that are generally included in Microsoft Word:


TIP: A neat trick is to put your names in a larger font. This will make them stand out and demand attention on the card. It can also look really nice to do the names in a different color, as we did in the picture above.

STEP 4: Add designs, flourishes, borders, etc.

OK, so you’ve got the words looking great – now you can see if there’s anything else you want to add in the way of embellishments such as photos, watermarks, borders, line art or flourishes. You can find a lot of interesting free ClipArt flourishes on the internet – just Google “free ClipArt flourishes” and you’ll find plenty.

Here’s an example of an invitation we came up with for our new Purple Shimmer Elegance Pocket Folder Kit. As you can see, our graphic designer created a beautiful flourish for the top left corner. This adds a very nice touch to the finished product.

Add design

Now that you’ve created your invitation design, the next step is printing.

STEP 5: Save your Template!

Before you do anything else, make sure you save your template from your FILE menu. The best way to save your finished design is to select SAVE AS in the FILE menu and give it a new name so you don’t mix it up with the original template you started from.