Step 1: What Is A Printable Invitation Kit?

Our invitations are semi-DIY. What does that mean? It means that we provide you with pocket folders or backer cards in your choice of colors, blank cards or sheets that fit them, and free templates to designprint and assemble your own fabulous invitations.

When we say “invitation kit” that refers to a set number of invitations—usually 20 invitations equals one kit. So if you want 100 invitations, you would order 5 kits. However, some of our kits are larger and have more invitations per kit than others so make sure you read how many invitations are in each kit before you order.

As there are many types of printers out there, we have two different printing options: The Print it Yourself option and the Take to Printer option. Both are explained in greater detail in Step 4. Depending on which one you choose, you will receive cut blank cards or 8.5 x 11” sheets to print on.

So for example, if you order one Invitation kit of our Elegance invitation in red, you would receive the following:

Print It Yourself: 20 Red Elegance pocket folders covers
20 blank invitation cards,
40 blank stacking cards,
20 blank RSVP cards and envelopes,
20 blank mailing envelopes—140 pieces in all. You then download the template that you like and design it for your event, put the blank cards into your printer and print them.

Take To Printer
20 Red Elegance pocket folders covers
35 Sheets of 8.5 x 11” Paper
4 Test Sheets—you can use both sides
You then fill out the Take To Printer templates with the cut lines, and print out the sheets using your home printer. When you are done, you take them to the printer of your choice for cutting.
Or upload them on to a flash drive and take them along with the sheets of paper to the printer for both printing and cutting.

When you go to an individual product page like Red Elegance Pocket Folder Kit, all of the parts of the kit, the dimensions of each part and the templates are listed. It’s easy, and very beautiful looking—just read our reviews.

Step 2: Find the perfect invitation kit for you

Here’s the best way to do this – if you know what color you want, start by looking at our Shop By Color page as this will show you at a glance everything we offer in the color range you’re interested in.

What if you’re looking for a style rather than a color? Take a look at our style pages, each devoted to a different invitation style - the Single Card page which includes our Bordered, Layered and Real Lace kits and the Pocket Folder page which includes our Elegance, Build Your Own, and Horizon kits. Then visit our Inspiration & Ideas page as this showcases many different types of invitations and also some fancy ways to dress them up!

Some of you are looking to save money, so start anywhere, because by printing them yourselves you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars without even trying! And some of you are looking to save time and still have our unusual styles and high quality materials. With our Take To Printer option you can fill out our specially designed templates, download them onto a flash drive and take it and the paper we provide to the printer of your choice.


Step 3: Request a sample or place an order

You can order a sample of many of our products – they cost just $3.00-$3.50 each and shipping is free! It’s a great way to see for yourself the quality of the card stock we use and the luxurious feel of the paper. Plus we send you all the parts of the kit so you can actually try out printing it yourself at home and produce a finished invitation! Because we only send the cut cards in a sample, if you are using the Take To Printer option, simply practice on regular paper 8. 5” x 11” paper using the specialized printer templates and use the sample cut cards to see the quality and size they will be after they are cut.

And without even ordering anything you can go ahead and download any of our free design and printing templates and start creating your invitation. All you need is Microsoft Word and a printer.

Step 4: Customize to suit your event

Once your invitation kit has been delivered you can customize it with your own design - or if you want to make it even simpler you can use any of our free design and printing templates by downloading them from our website.

And whether you use our designs or make your own, it’s easy to add embellishments like printing a border or a scroll or a photo or a monogram, etc. Plus don’t forget you can make the font whatever style and color you want – that’s an easy way to add some originality and flair!


Step 5: Print

When it comes to printing your invitations you have two options, so no matter what printer you have you can order our beautiful invitations! How do you tell what kind of printer you have? Simple—open your printer to where you would normally change the cartridge, if the cartridge is square and about the size of your palm, you have an Ink Jet Printer. If the cartridge is a cylinder about 8” or more, then you have a Laser Printer.

Option #1: Print It Yourself. If you have an Ink Jet Printer, you can select the Print It Yourself option when ordering. We will then send you the invitation cards pre-cut to sizes suitable for a home Ink Jet printer. When you’re ready to download a printing template, select the Print it Yourself templates which are already sized for your cut cards. Change the wording to fit your event and then make any design changes you want. Check out our page on How to Design Your Own Wedding Invitations for ideas and instructions. When you have finished designing your templates, then follow our Printing Instructions.

Option #2: Take To Printer. If you have a Laser printer, you would select the Take To Printer option. These kits come with sheets of 8.5” x 11” cardstock paper so you don’t have to be concerned about whether or not your printer will print on small cut cards—any printer can print on these size sheets of paper. You download the Take To Printer templates, change the wording to fit your event and make any design changes you want. Make sure you make the design changes on all the templates on the page and also fill them all out. Then just print them out. Take the sheets of printed templates to a printer for cutting. That’s it! (tip: remember that cutting fees are not expensive – they are based on the number of cuts not the number of sheets.)

#2.1 Want someone else to print it for you? If you’d rather just take the whole thing to a printer—we understand, time is precious these days and we want to help you have more of it. Just choose the Take To Printer option, download the Take to Printer templates and continue just like in #2. But, instead of printing the sheets yourself, upload them onto a flash drive and bring it and the stock paper we provide you with to any printing company like Kinko’s, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

Step 6: Assemble

Attach the invitation card to the pocket folder (we suggest double-sided scotch tape, it’s the easiest), slide the cards into the pocket, affix a seal or tie a ribbon around the outside, and then pop the whole thing in the envelope for mailing. For more detailed tips, check out our assembly instructions. That’s it! And congratulations – you’ve just produced an invitation and keepsake that looks like it was done professionally, is absolutely beautiful and personal to you both - and in the process you’ve saved a whole lot of money. Job well done!

Step 7: Mail to your guests

Send off your beautiful invitations to your friends and family and then sit back and wait for the praise to begin! We are constantly getting customers telling us just how impressed their guests were with their invitations, and how everyone assumed that their invitations had been done professionally!