The fun thing about invitations is that choosing them is just the beginning! Once you’ve decided on an invitation style you can then start customizing it with a creative design that can as simple or as elaborate as you want and the results will be amazing!

The paper sets the tone but the design makes it yours. Here are some design ideas to spark your creativity:

Start with the ink:

Consider using ink colors that draw attention and highlight different aspects of your invitation. For example, if you are using a formal black or gray ink color for the text you could pick out your names in a contrasting color such as fuchsia or tiffany that just happens to match the heart motif in the corner.

Or you could do the whole text in a fun or whimsical color that sets off the colors of the card stock background, such as dark red text with a burgundy pocket folder. Black is not the only color for text!


Consider the background color:

An excellent way of adding flair or a “glow” to a more traditional invitation is by adding a colored background behind the invitation card, so it gets a subtle colored border behind it. Backgrounds can lend prominence to the most important part of your invitation, the card itself with your names on it.

We have four gorgeous shimmer finish Backer Inserts to set off your invite but you can also get your own and just cut them to size:

Background color

Add Ribbons to the invitation card itself:

Here’s a neat way to add some distinction you might not have thought about – add a ribbon or bow on the inside of an Elegance or Pocket Folder Kit.


Creative use of ribbons:

A variation on the above idea is to add a ribbon belt around your invitation card as shown here. There is a variety of decorative knots you can use, or just use a plain ribbon belt glued behind the invitation.

Creative ribbons

Add a flourish:

A fantastic way to add some distinction or creativity to an invitation is to add a flourish to a corner or on a border. Many of our templates come with flourishes as part of the design but you also can find Clip Art flourishes very easily on the web.


Use contrasting color ribbons:

The wonderful thing about ribbons is that because they come in such a huge variety they introduce fantastic color and sparkle in a very simple way. So consider using double ribbons on your invitations in contrasting or accenting colors like this.

Contrasting ribbons

Subtle embellishments to consider:

There are a number of wonderful ways to add uniqueness to your invitation. You can add jewels either onto the invitation card or onto the ribbon as shown here. You can do the same with flower petals (you’ll find them at any hobby store). We also offer a range of Layered Kits that come with holes already punched to allow for different ways of tying a ribbon.


Adding embellishments to the outside:

Don’t forget that after you have the invitation card complete you can also use Seals to add flair and distinction to your invitation. The seal can be added to close the pocket folder or the envelope, or both

Exterior embellishments

Other treatments for the outside of your invitation:

Another creative way to add an attractive finish to the outside of the pocket folder is to combine both ribbons and seals.

Other treatments