Tips on designing your invitation using Microsoft Word

To start:

  1. Download the template you like onto your computer.
  2. Open in Word on your screen.
  3. Now you can change the wording, the dates, the place, etc.
  4. You can also change the ink color, the font styles and the layout if you want. You can add or remove clip art and images. In fact, everything in our templates is editable so feel free to design it your way.

TIP 1: How to increase or decrease the line spacing on your invite.

This is a handy little trick if you need to create more space for text or alternatively if you need to make it look more spacious by increasing the spacing between lines. First highlight the text that you want to space differently – it could be the whole invitation or just a paragraph. Then click on the Line Spacing icon in the bar above and change the spacing width from 1.0 to 1.15 or 1.5 etc. You will see the lines you’ve highlighted move further apart.

How to increase decrease line spacing

TIP 2: Another way to change the line spacing on your invite.

This is a little-known trick to use when you need more space or less space on your invitation. Place your cursor over an empty line or a gap between lines as shown below. Now change the font size of that line. Even though there’s no text, it still has a font size.

How to change line spacing

TIP 3: If you can’t click on text or border to change it.

The way Word is set up it has text boxes in layers. So if you can’t click on something like text or borders it’s probably because you’ve got another layer sitting on top of it. The way to change this is to click on the top layer text box until the text box is outlined. Then move your cursor over the border or edge of the text box and right-click. Then select Send to Back which moves that layer back so the one below comes to the top. Now you can click on this new layer and change the items in it.

How to click line border

TIP 4: The printer prints it off-center or half off the page.

Sometimes you’ll find that even using our templates your printer prints it off center, or only half on the card. That’s due to individual differences in printer drivers. Here’s how you correct that. You left-click on the text box and drag it to the left or right, or up or down, whichever direction you think it needs to go. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look centered on the screen – all that matters is whether it is centered on the card you’re printing on.

TIP 5: Printer cuts off the top or bottom border.

When this happens it means that the printer can’t “see” the border because it’s in the margin. (The margin is the edge of the paper that the printer doesn’t print on). The solution is to drag the border in until it’s inside the margin. Here’s what you do: Click on the border to highlight it, and then move your cursor over the little square in the middle of the border until the cursor changes to 2 arrows instead of 4. Click on this little square and drag it inwards a little bit. Now try printing again. Keep doing this until the border prints.

You can also try reducing the Margin sizes in Page Setup.

TIP 6: Removing or Changing border color or thickness.

Each text box has a border outline around it. If you want to add or remove this border or change its color or thickness here’s what you do: Right-click on the border – you’ll see the dialog box appear. Then click on Format Text Box. Then select Line Color (or Colors & Lines) and change the color there. If you want to remove a border, set the Line color to No Color.

TIP 7: Inserting or changing images or clip art.

Some of our templates have scrolls or flowers or other images on them. You can delete or move these if you want or insert your own. Here’s how you do it:

To insert a new image: draw a text box where you want the new image to go. Then copy and paste the new image inside the text box. If you need to move the image, just drag the text box and the image inside it will move automatically.

To delete the image: just right-click on the image itself and then select Cut.

To move the image somewhere else, first click on the image – you’ll see the image outlined as shown in first picture below. Now move your cursor just outside that image until the cursor changes to a cross with 4 arrows and click again – you’ll then highlight the image text box. To move it, just click and drag the text box. The image inside the text box will move automatically.

How to insert change images