Pocket Wedding Invitation Kits

Our DIY pocket wedding invitation kits are built with a pocket fold design for when you need your invitation to hold more. We have three different styles of DIY printable pocket wedding invitation kits so that you can customize your invitation kit the way you want. When you need simply an invitation card and an RSVP set, choose the Build Your Own Pocket invitation kit which will give you all you need. If you are doing a destination wedding or a wedding with a ceremony in one place and a reception in another, The Elegance All-in-One wedding invitation kit would fill all those needs. And finally, if you are in the middle and need just one more card, take a look at the Horizon line which is an invitation card, RSVP set and a Horizon card. If you are not sure, order samples of all three and try them out. Then you will feel confident in your choice.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more detailed descriptions and an explanation of our Printing Options. With our invitations, you can print at home or take it to a printer--we want you to print it your way!

Our DIY Pocket Wedding Invitation Kits come in three styles. First is our Elegance-All-In-One kits which is perfect for weddings or events where you need to communicate more information to your guests. You can customize your invitation card plus you have two more all purpose cards that can be printed with directions, special instruction etc. Your RSVP set and any pocket cards are held in a beautiful pocket cover so that the information stays in one place. You can also embellish your invitation with a different color backer insert (goes under the invitation card), a vellum (goes over the invitation card) and an envelope seal. The top, down design is popular and contemporary. Our elegant DIY printable pocket wedding invitation kits allow you to create the invitations you need for the kind of wedding you are having.

Next is our Build Your Own Pocket Folder kit. This kit has a beautiful outer cover which is made of the finest paper in either Italian Shimmer or Linen finish, an invitation card and an RSVP set. You can also embellish this kit with extra ribbons, backer inserts, vellums and envelope seals. It has the classic side pocket design and can be used vertically (portrait style) or horizontally (landscape style).

Last is our Horizon Pocket Folder kit. These kits are horizontal and open from the top. They include an invitation card, an RSVP set, and a Horizon card which can be used as a Direction card or for any other information your guests might need. The Horizon card allows you to further customize your invitation kit.

All of our Pocket Fold wedding invitations come with free templates that are downloadable right from the product page! So you can begin designing your own unique invitation right away by clicking on the "Printing Templates" tab in the center of each product page or at the bottom of each page in the footer under Useful Tools. Choose the free template style that you like best, download it to your computer and change the wording etc. for your event.

Print The Way You Want We have three ways to print and customize your invitation kit: 1. First is our standard Print It Yourself Option. For this option you will need an ink jet printer for home use. With this option, we send you precut cards that you print on. For greater detail scroll down to our Useful Tools section and read the Printing Instructions.

  1. Secondly, we have the Take To Printer Option. When you choose this option, we send you 8.5" x 11" sheets of card stock. You download the Take to Printer Templates that you either print on at home and take to be cut .

  2. Thirdly, if you don't want to do any of the printing yourself at home, you can download your finished Take to Printer template onto a thumb drive and take it to a printer of your choice e.g. Staple or Kinko's, to be printed and then cut.

So if you want a wedding invitation that is affordable, elegant and practical, consider our elegant DIY printable pocket wedding invitation kits and see what a range of options they provide!