Review: Quinceanera Pocket Folder Invitations

Quinceanara pocket invitation kit

**Celebrate Your Specialness!** Use our Pocket Folder kits to create the invitation of your dreams. As you can see from the photo, our **Pocket Folder** kit is pictured here in the Fuchsia Shimmer. You can use the Pocket Folder kit when your event is more than a casual affair and requires an RSVP set--add a backer insert and an accenting ribbon and you have a stunning invite. To really take your invitation to the next level, add a printable vellum and print your picture on the vellum for a wonderful keepsake! Your friends and family will love it. Our Pocket folders have 17 colors to choose from so you can always find what you want. By using our downloadable Templates, customizing them to suit your event, and printing them at home on an ink jet printer you will create a beautiful and unique invitation while saving a lot of money!