Wedding Invitation Kits

Welcome to our world of beautiful wedding invitation kits. We have kits in many different colors, styles, papers and complexity.

Our goal with our kits is to help you individualize your invitation. We provide all the materials, templates, and instructions you need-- you provide the creativity and love. And what you get is a beautiful, personalized invitation that has your colors, your style and your wording and design. Using our beautiful wedding invitation kits, no one will know that they are not professionally produced.

Print it Your Way! We offer invitation kits that you can print at home on your own inkjet printer and for a fraction of the cost end up with wedding invites that are indistinguishable from ones done by a professional printer. Or you can Take It To a Printer by using our Take to Printer option. Here you use our special Take to Printer templates, download the finished templates to a flash drive and take it and the 8.5 x 11 card stock we send you to the printer of your choice. It's a fast, easy and economical way of producing fabulous invitation kits for your own wedding. Scroll down under the photos to continue reading.


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But will they look nice enough?

One of the keys to producing a truly beautiful wedding invitation lies in the paper or cardstock you use. If you begin with cardstock of excellent quality you are already halfway to producing invites that will look fabulous whatever design you print on them! And conversely, if you go with a cheaper quality card stock your design, however gorgeous it is, won't create that excellent first impression you're looking for.

You’ll see that the card stock we offer is all of the excellent quality, made by two of the finest paper mills in North America who are green certified for sustainable and eco-friendly practices. We have a wide variety of wedding invitation products – some with lighter weight paper and in preselected color combinations, others with a heavier weight paper that you can customize to your colors much more. But with all of them, whether you print a design on it that is detailed and elaborate or a design that is simple and classic, you’ll end up with a personalized invitation that is of tremendous quality and totally fabulous, the sort of invitation that makes people tear up just from the sheer beauty of it. We know, we have the testimonials to prove it!

Can I customize the invitation kits to my wedding colors?

Yes, absolutely! We know this is critically important for today’s brides - of course you want your invitations or programs to echo your wedding colors. And the beauty of using our wedding invitation kits is that you have a whole range of ways you can customize them to whatever colors you want.

Some of our kits come with preselected color combinations but for those who want more flexibility we have a whole range of layered kits and pocket folders where you get to pick the Backer Card color, the Ribbon color, the Invitation card color, the Backer insert color, the Pocket Folder color, the Seals, and so on.

Customize the inside too!

And that’s not the end of it! Once you’ve selected your style and color and after you receive your order of blank invitation kits, you get to customize the inside with another range of options – the design on the invitation card itself, the font style and color, maybe add a border or a scroll, perhaps a monogram on the vellum in a colored ink, maybe a photo or silhouette – this is the fun part where you produce a wedding invite that looks absolutely stunning & personalized.

We have free design templates to make it even easier

You can begin designing your own unique invitation right now by clicking on the "Printing Templates" tab in the middle of the individual product pages. Choose the free template style that you like best, download it to your computer and change the wording etc. for your event. You can then print out your designs on regular paper using your ink jet printer to see how they look. Save the designs and when you receive your blank invitation kits from us, you just print them on the cards we provide. Or if you don't want to take the time to print them yourself, use our Take To Printer option and download your finished templates onto a flash drive and take it to the printer of your choice.

Need more help deciding? Order a sample of one of our beautiful wedding invitation kits and see how you too can create a personalized invitation that will simply stun your family and friends.

Take a look at our different styles

Our wedding invitation kits are divided into two main styles; Single Card Invitation Kits, which include Bordered, Layered Kits and Floral & Flourish; and Pocket Invitation kits which include our Elegance All-In-One invitation kits, Build Your Own Pocket Folder Kits, and Designed Pocket Folder Kits.